Offline Token dates in Admin Console

I have an isse with admin theme keycloak.v2
We are currently running Keycloak 19.0.3 and using “keycloak” theme (old theme) in admin.
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That theme is able to display Additional Grants under User consents:
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When I click on Offline Token I can see IP Address, Started and Last Refresh
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However, when I switch to “keycloak.v2” admin theme, this Additional Grants link is not displayed:

We are upgrading to Keycloak 22.0.4 and old theme is not available there so I can’t see the Offline Token there.
Why is Created and Last Updated times missing on Consents page in both themes?
Where can I find user Offline Token details in new admin theme?

Regards, Ivar
PS I can’t upload all necessary screenshots. Someone has decided that new users cannot upload more than 1 embedded image per post :frowning:

You should find the offline session under the sessions tab, not the consents tab.

That’s a default setting in Discourse.

There are no offline sessions under Sessions tab

Well… then, perhaps you don’t have offline sessions?

In my environment, they are being displayed.

Aha, I can find Offline sessions under Sessions tab in Client details and then have to look for specific user. I looked at the Sessions tab in User details, it does not show Offline sessions, only Regular SSO sessions. Is it by design, or should User details also show Offline sessions?

@jonkoops Can you tell if this is by design (if yes, why?) or should we open an issue?

Not sure actually. Might be worth logging an issue for it so one of the team can answer that.

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Done: #24523

I’m coming back to this topic. I can find the session info (both Offline and Regular), but still can’t find Offline Token info.
in old Keycloak theme (Version 19.0.3): on consents page I click “Offline Token”

And open the token info page:

I can see Started and Last Refresh times
However in new keycloak theme (Both versions 19.0.3 and 22.0.4), there is not possible to access Offline Token. I open the consents page:

Granted client scopes is empty, there is no way I can see offline token. I can see that something is granted and I can Revoke it (from three dot menu) and it revokes offline token.
Is this missing from keycloak.v2 theme?