Page has expired on Forget Password Flow

Hi all,

We’re using Keycloak 11.0.1

We’re getting Page has expired page on Forget Password Flow after
submitting your username. Below are the steps that we are following:

On clicking “Forgot Password?” from Login screen
Redirects to “Forgot Your Password?” screen, where it accepts username and
allow to submit the form.
Shows “Page has expired” screen with two options:-

To restart the login process Click here .
To continue the login process Click here .

Please advise, what is wrong with our Keycloak configuration.

Hi Victor

I’m facing this same problem here, were you able to solve this problem ?



The problem I believe is the user who would like to reset the password, double click the quick submit button. In the second request the token changes, thus giving the mentioned problem.

I solved the problem by blocking the submit button on the first request using javascript.

I rewrote the theme template in the file: login/login-reset-password.ftl

Here’s the resolution commit:


Thank you very much Victor, I managed to solve my problem here… and it was also really cool to see the reference project using keycloak.