Pairing accounts

Hi all :slight_smile:
Here is what I would like to do:

Suppose that you have a web-application (let’s call it ‘Central-App’) that is plugged to keycloak such that if you need to access a resource on a url provided by this app, you are automatically redirected to keycloak server in order to fill in you login/pwd.
The login/pwd you fill in the keycloak authentification page corresponds to you Central-App’s account.

Now, suppose that you have a software (let’s call it ‘Another-App’, that could also be a web-application) on which you also have an account that you login to with a different login/pwd from the one of your Central-App’s account.
Another-App displays in some places hyperlinks that point to Central-App’s urls.

If you left-click on one of those Central-App’s urls from inside Another-App, you get Keycloak authentification page displayed.
Then you fill in you login/pwd and can access the wished Central-App’s resource from you computer during the lifetime of the acces_token provided by Keycloak.

Now, suppose that you want to connect on your Another-App’s account on someone else’s computer.
You login to your Another-App’s account and then click on a Central-App url from inside Another-App.
It redirects you again to keycloak authentification page because you Central-App and Another-App acounts are not paired, linked.

I would like to know if there is a way to kind of ‘pairing’ your Another-App account to you Central-App account such that if you connect yourself on your Another-app account on another computer, you will be able to acces Central-App urls while clicking on it from inside Another-App.

I do not know if I am very clear…
Do not hesitate to ask if not :wink: