Password recovery email coming from a weird place

I’m a newb. I’ve been tasked with updating our password recovery email. I’ve looked in your docs & i see there’s the possibility to use a password-reset.ftl in tandem with the message properties: passwordResetSubject, passwordResetBody, passwordResetBodyHtml. This file goes under the email/html folders in my custom theme directory.

However, there’s no such mechanism in place in our code. yet. when i test the feature a fully custom email comes back at me. where could this email be coming from? we’re using the same /auth/realms/[realm name]/login-actions/reset-credentials

i’ve searched everywhere for the text of this email and come up empty.

Your question is unclear? Can you rephrase it a bit.
You get the actual changes you made or not?
The folder structure for emails in a theme needs to be the following:

If you get the wrong email I could be that it comes from the base theme, than you need to check if you changed the email theme in your realm which you can set under realm settings -> Themes tab

Also something to mention that Keycloak sends both text and html mail, depending on your mail reader you view one or the other. You need to change both text and html files.

thank you for your reply. my colleague & i figured it out. the email we are receiving is a standard template for keycloak with our realm name thrown in.

and if i want to over ride that i can use the password-reset.ftl and properties and then add the email type to keycloak-themes.json


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pretty much. except we only use login & soon to use email