Password Reset via SMS

Hello Keycloak experts.

We would like our users to provide a mobile number instead of an email when creating a registration and as a consequence we have to following requirements:

  • mobile number validation via SMS during registration
  • passoword reset through SMS

We do not require 2Factor / OTP via SMS

We now there are several Opensource SPIs but most of them are concerned with OTP only or password reset only.

Does Keycloak allow to customize the Flows enough to make this possible (especially pw reset)?


Did you implement the same? I was also looking to build the similar thing. Password reset via SMS OTP. Any direction/help will be highly appreciated.

Our requirements changed and we did go for 2factor Authentication using SMS in the end. You will have to create and deploy a new Authenticator using the Keycloak SPI. As a starting point you could look at


It is possible to create a copy of the existing password-reset flow in keycloak and configure it to use the SPI for SMS OTP Codes.

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