Performance issue after version upgrade


We have forked the official Keycloak github repo into separate repo of our own and have been doing developments on it and deploying the distributions we built ourselves. Occasionally, we would merge the official Keycloak repo back to our repo to keep things up to date.

Recently, we have merged Keycloak Version 8.0.2 into our repo and started seeing some performance issues during load testing. Upon looking at the server logs, we’ve noticed that the application is making a huge number of queries to the database. One HTTP request would result in hundreds of database select queries, as if there is no caching being done in the application.

We understand that Keycloak is supposed to use Infinispan to cache the data objects between requests. And we have checked the standalone-ha.xml config file, but we couldn’t figure out what the cause is.

Could anyone give us some pointers as to where we can look into?