Permissions using Resource Type and Scope

In Authorization Settings, I can create permissions in two ways:

  1. Either with the usage of Resource Types
  2. Using a combination of Resource and Scopes

Is there any way to define permission with the usage of Resource Type and Scope.
My use case is:
I want to associate permissions for a few types of resources via defining various roles. Now for some roles, these permissions will be on specific resource instances and for some roles, should be against resource type.

Resource: Project A (Resource Type: Project)
Resource: Project B (Resource Type: Project)
Scopes: Create, View, Edit

I want to create permissions like this:
Edit_Permission_For_Project_A : Project A, Edit -> Possible
Edit_Permission_For_Project_B : Project B, Edit -> Possible
View_Permission_For_Project_A : Project A, View -> Possible
View_Permission_For_Projects : Project (Resource Type), View -> This is not possible.