Phantom user result in userid

Hi All,

For a specific user I am running into multiple results connected to their userid but am not sure how to remove the erroneous/unnecessary one.

When the user is being mapped I get:

2021-08-19 11:14:13,783 ERROR [] (defau
lt task-52) Failed to make identity provider oauth callback: java.lang.IllegalStateException: 
More results found for identityProvider=oidc, userId=4e90e1ad-6fb8-4f83-9ac3-8a0ee4eb16c4, res
ults=[f:b3c6ce3e-f5dc-4cad-8bdf-1ed8078acb3e:CORRECT_USERNAME, f:b3c6ce3e-f5dc-4cad-8bdf-1ed8078acb3e:

I have a read-only connection to my backend ldap. At one point the INCORRECT_USERNAME did exist but this was changed to the CORRECT_USERNAME in ldap but it seems like keycloak may have made that second account in its local database as well. Is it possible to purge that incorrect account?