Please provide the tentative release date of Keycloak Version 12

Can you please provide the release date of Keycloak Version 12.

Current version of Keycloak 11.0.3 has few security vulnerabilities, which are supposed to be fixed in 12.0.
It would be really helpful if you can provide tentative release date of version 12

yes i agree, i mailed but no answer. Strange there is not even indication of a date while stories are done for 3 weeks.
Also tried to build from master but in this version the distribution changed a lot and jboss/wildfly is missing (no file for example). I think new way of building on top of a wildfly container but need guidelines as to much is changed :frowning:

We also need it urgently since in previous versions infinspan blocks a release (new version has non blocking infinispan). releases go so bad we stopped releasing and waiting for keycloak 12.

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It’s out now!

But it may be worth to wait for 12.0.1, because of
(already fixed a few minutes ago, patch is not yet available)

Hey im the one who submitted this issue. But this does not seem to be the only issue because my custom theme also stopped working in version 12.0.0.

Opened a ticket here if you want to keep track

Seems it’s like a “never use a .0 version in production!” issue :wink: