Post Group Rest API


I’m trying to add group an subGroups with RestAPI
I Post to http://localhost:8081/auth/admin/realms/bidule/groups
“name”: “Test”,
“path”: “/Test”,
“subGroups”: [
“name”: “T_ALL”,
“path”: “/Test/T_ALL”,
“realmRoles”: [“user”],
“attributes”: {“domain”: “*”]}
“name”: “T_Health”,
“path”: “/Test/T_Health”,
“realmRoles”: [“user”],
“attributes”: {“domain”:“Health”]}

If I create the realm with this group definition in “groups”: […] in realm json: All groups an subgroups are added.
If I create the realm without groups and post the groups definition aftert the realm creation
only the root group is created but not subgroups.

How to Add All group and subgroups with ResAPI on keycloak 11.0

Hi Sekaijin,

Did you get this working? I am having a same problem.