Problem building 12.0.4

Is anyone else seeing the following error when building 12.0.4 from the source?

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project keycloak-saml-as7-subsystem: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.keycloak:keycloak-saml-as7-subsystem:jar:12.0.4: Failed to collect dependencies at -> -> -> Failed to read artifact descriptor for Could not transfer artifact from/to maven-default-http-blocker ( Blocked mirror for repositories: [jboss-public-repository-group (, default, releases+snapshots)] -> [Help 1]

Any ideas?

Maven blocks download from http mirror.

I managed to avoid it by using a mirror in my settings.xml ($home/.m2/settings.xml) like this :

   <name>Jboss public https</name>

There may be a better way.

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@micedre this worked (Thank you!), but I’m left wondering why this is a problem, and if the maintainers are aware of this. Is there a way in the pom to prevent this kind of issue?

jFTR – here’s a JIRA for tracking this issue: