Problem with run new account console

Hello all!

When I try to log into the new account management console, I get an error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: Keycloak is not defined

because GET https://sso.******/authjs/keycloak.js net :: ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)

In fact, the file at https://sso…******//authjs/keycloak.js is missing - the browser does not return anything, but 404

I checked the integrity of the distribution (12.0.1) and everything is fine - the distribution matches the archive, except for the standalone configuration files.

I checked the access rights to the files - the owner of all files is the user on whose behalf the service starts.

Where do I need to put keycloak.js to make it work? Or there is something wrong with the configuration.

I have the same problem. My instalation is from Docker image tagged 12.0.1.

Is it possible that KeycloakV2 theme is calling the keycloak.js at incorrect URL?

From the documentation for version 12.0.1 - 2.2. JavaScript Adapter

The library can be retrieved directly from the Keycloak server at /auth/js/keycloak.js and is also distributed as a ZIP archive.

Whereas 12.0.1 Keycloak server expects adapter at /authjs/keycloak.js. Notice the missing /.

There is an open ticker related to this issue: Does not work new account managment console - can’t find keycloak.js

It’s help, thank you.

Solution: add ending slash to frontend URL