Prompt for confirmation when OTP disabled

When using the API to allow users to setup TOTP, is there a way to prompt them for confirmation when they delete the “Configured Authenticator”?

Utilizing the Keycloak support for OTP via Google Authenticator or FreeOTP, the API allows us to provide the users a mechanism to do two-factor authentication (2FA). Once it’s setup, the Configured Authenticators are displayed with a delete option (trash can icon).

However, I’ve hunted through documentation and forums to see if there is a way, when the user selects to delete the configured authenticator, to give them a confirmation dialog to assure they meant to do so, but haven’t been able find anything about it all. Confirmation dialogs for delete are pretty common, so maybe I’m looking in the wrong places.

Does anyone know if that capability exists in Keycloak?

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