Provider User ID in Identity Provider Links


Recently we found that “Provider User ID” in “Identity Provider Links” is case sensitive, it causes problem when we use user email address as username (we must use this one for some users) to on-board users.

for example, user email
if we set “Provider User ID” as, Keycloak would treat it as a different one, in debug log we found message like:
2021-10-13 16:07:05,479 DEBUG [] (default task-22) Federated user not found for provider ‘xxx-xxx-xxx’ and broker username ‘xxxxxx’

The problem is, when we on-board users, we may not have the “correct” email address with correct case character, Firstname.Lastname might come in request as firstname.lastname.

any suggestion about

  1. if this field could be customized or configed as case in-sensitive
  2. if yes, any hint

thanks a lot for your help!