Publish Keycloak externally for clients but hide admin console?

Hello everyone,

I am currently deploying Keycloak so that users can self manage their accounts, but I am running into a roadblock, Keycloak in testing has been fantastic. However I am running into a bit of a problem, we are looking to publish keycloak externally via reverse proxy so that we can have our SSL certificate in front of it, but every time we do so we are met with the “Welcome to Key cloak administration console link” and we’re hoping to simply publish our realm login as the first thing users see.

We have tried this a few different ways by having the reverse proxy append our /auth/realms/ourrealm but to no success. We did just use the document here to change the port the admin console listens on…but even after doing so navigating to lands at the administration console login link.

Anyone have any insight?

I am currently facing the same issue. did you find a solution?

You have reverse proxy where you can what do you want, e. g. redirect path to another path, block some paths, require additional auth for some path,…