Quarkus Keycloak development mode and custom database

Is it possible to use a custom database (like PostgreSQL) when using the development mode (start-dev) in the Quarkus powered Keycloak?

There is not much written about the differences of the development and production modes and how they affect the configurability of Keycloak.

I am replying to myself in case anyone else is also interested in this topic. It seems like you can use a custom database with development mode.

How it is done differs from the instructions given for production mode where you first build with “–db postgres” option and then start with the other database related options. When using development mode you need to include all of these options to the startup command:

./kc.sh start-dev --db-url jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/DB_NAME --db postgres --db-username DB_USERNAME --db-password DB_PASSWORD

It would be nice to have an example of this included also here: