Questions for my bachelor thesis

Hello all,
I am a student of business informatics from Germany and am currently working on a market analysis of IAM systems as part of my bachelor’s thesis, which also includes Keycloak. I would be very happy if I could ask a few questions about Keycloak. Will that be possible? I am also avaible per mail

Best regards and many thanks!
Daria :slight_smile:

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This is the best place to ask questions about Keycloak in order to get answers from users, community contributors and RedHat developers. If you ask the questions in this thread, they will get seen by more people than if you ask them 1-1

@Daria I’m just about to finish my bachelor thesis on keycloak

Hi @xkey , that sounds great! Which topic do you write about? Maybe we can talk about Keycloak?

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You can ask your questions here and we’ll try to answer them as good as possible

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Hi @all, i have a few questions:

  • which Applications can be secured with Keycloak (cloudbased, on-prem Apps, not-standarized Apps not supporting modern identity and federation standards)
  • does Keycloak provides some Kind of API Security, e.g. Authentication and authorization for APIs
  • are there capabilities to secure Things like IoT devices, and so on
  • can Keycloak be integrated to a HR or CRM System?

Thank you so much for your help

For this you can check the following documentation which features Keycloak offers at the moment “out of the box” Server Administration Guide and which further extensions are available here Keycloak - Extensions and also a lot gitlab repositories where you can get inspired and find ideas

I’m not sure if keycloak supports IoT devices it depends on the device and the way of access to these resources (like OPC UA-Server Webserver or something like that)

I would say in general yes if they support for example a web interface or something like that (HR or CRM)

Do you also compare for your market analysis of IAM systems (SSO’s) commercial or only open source solutions?

Hi @xkey thank you for your answers. I have been watching these documentation guides but i couldnt find out about on prem Ressources or APIs as well as the other things i described.

My market analysis does also compare commercial systems yes, they are Microsoft Azure AD, ForgeRock, Okta and AWS IAM features.

So maybe you have to compare with RH SSO (Red Hat SSO) instead of Keycloak because keycloak is based on it

Here is a short overview Keycloak - About and at the other shared links you should be able to find information about supported protocols, standards also federation like OIDC, SAML, LDAP, AD, Kerberos, …

Maybe someone else can give you an answer to the question about compatibility with IoT devices and API security

Thank you :slight_smile: i also couldnt find about provisioning capabilities or the standard SCIM. Do you know something about that? Moreover, Keycloak says in the “About” Section that it can provide SSO for web apps. What is meant with web app?

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Keycloak does not have provisioning or SCIM capabilities.

“web app” means a standard application delivered through a web browser.