Reactive programming support (netty) in keycloak

we recently build rest api using Spring 5 (webflux). it using netty webserver since netty supports fully reactive programming. but for authentication we are using keycloak. the problem starts here, keycloak does not support netty server and spring boot auto switch to tomcat server when it detect @enableWebMVC (done by keycloak) in my application. this creates a problem and we see my rest api is
going through a data loss issue due to keycloak integration.

My question is when will keycloak start supporting netty server and will catch up with spring 5???
i am not able to implement reactive programming based application due to keycloak not being supporting netty server.

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You can use the following 19. OAuth2 WebFlux
You don’t need to use the adapters itself

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if i want to use basic auth feature of keycloak in my api, in that case can i avoid adapters, if so how?