Realm Management Client: Differing Header Options

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This is puzzling me to no end. We have 2 instances of Keycloak v13.0.1 – however in Client ‘Realm management’, the header options are very different (see screenshots 1 & 2 below). There have been many hands configuring – I’m trying to track down what configuration would have resulted in above difference. Could any kind soul provide a clue? Thank you.



It looks like there have been changes to “Access Type”, “Service Accounts Enabled”, and “Authorization Enabled”. It’s not recommended to change the “Realm management” client. I’d suggest switching the settings back to defaults. One helpful way to compare the configurations would be to export the realm json for the different instances and then compare there. If you want to see what the default configs are, create a new realm, and they’ll be there as default.

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Thank you xgp.

Would there be a simplified way to switch back settings to default? We can’t recreate the realm per se (due to usage); the json export files are quite distinct between the 2.

There is no “revert do default settings” or easy way that I know of.

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