RedHat SSO vs. Keycloak release schedule and versions

I’m trying to find out how each Keycloak and RedHat release correspond to each other.

I found this Keycloak blog post which says that a new major version of Keycloak is released every three months. I’m trying to learn how often RedHat SSO is released, and how the Keycloak and RedHat SSO releases correspond.

I found this page, Red Hat Single Sign-On (RH-SSO) Release History, but it’s paywalled – which I think is a mistake, considering the content. If someone reading this has the power, please remove the paywall on this article!

Background: The environment I’m working in uses paid RedHat SSO, but some groups have integrated with it using Keycloak. We’re considering creating an update schedule where all the versions are kept aligned.

Someone on the mailing list helped me. Here is some of the information I was hoping to find:

It doesn’t explain RedHat SSO’s release schedule, but it does show how it corresponds to the Keycloak version.

History shows, that most often new RH-SSO releases were published in Q1 of a year.

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