Redirecting to URL after finishing email verification

I am having an issue regarding redirecting the user to a URL after finishing the email verification.

I can do it by sending the verification email via REST call, by adding ?redirect_uri=
So here, you can see the “Back to Application” which contains the redirect url.

But when I try to send this verification email with the Admin Console, I cannot set the redirect link with the email, as there was no “Back to Application” action.

I assume I am missing something here. So can anyone help me on this? Is it possible to send the verification email with a redirect uri from the Admin console? Or the admin console doesn’t have this feature?

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The Admin Console doesn’t use the API in the same way. If you want to set the redirect_uri, you have to call the method directly.

Did you mean that REST api is the only way to use the redirect_uri?

Yes. Sorry if I was unclear in my previous message.

Okay, understood. Thanks for your reply.