Request: Better support for ARM/Apple M1

We don’t seem to have any official docker image that supports all architectures.

This is very frustrating for open source projects, where some community members have new Apple silicon.

Personally, I’d like a docker image with Keycloak.X and I am more than happy to build appropriate mult-arch images to help. I just need any instructions now how to correctly build the Docker file. What needs to be in there in terms of packages etc.


Keycloak is a Java, so in theory nothing to stopping you to build own arm image (also base image has already arm version). But if I remember correctly, there was a some test which was amd64 only, so that can be a good start if you want to help to build proper arm image.

Then it will be on the Redhat guys. They will need to setup multiarch build in their release pipeline.

Thanks, I did find an image from a community member that is prompting the team to build an ARM64 image. It also uses Keycloak.X so I’m able to start assessing that.

I appreciate your time.