Required User Actions - unclear behavior


When creating a new user (from the administrator console) it seems that when selecting “Required User Actions” from the User/Details tab - it does nothing

I created a new user
added a valid email
in the required user actions I selected “update password” - nothing happens

I the credentials tab I selected a temporary password and under “Credential Reset” I selected in the “Rest actions” the option “Update Password” and pressed the “send email” → only then I got an email with a request to update the password

also tried this process with “verify email” and “configure OTP” with the same results

what am I missing? why when selection those actions under the “Details” tab nothing really happens ?

I’m using version 15.0.2


What should happen in your opinion?

Theses required actions are stored at the user and will be executed when the user authenticates next time. Then, before the user is fully authenticated, he/she must fulfill the actions.

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i now realize the login and the difference