Resource Server API Documentation


I’m look for documentation on creating resources, permissions, policies via API but I’m not seeing any.

I’m seeing calls like
in the admin console via browser dev tools, but I’m not seeing any record of those being documented anywhere.

Am I looking in the wrong place (Keycloak Docs) or are these API’s not currently documented?


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I had the same problem, looking to do more or less the same thing, this is what I found.

The key for what I was doing was getting a PolicyStore, AdminPermissionManagement and GroupPermissionManagement instance

// Get the realm from the session.
RealmModel realm = session.getContext().getRealm();

// Get the authorization provider and its policy store from the realm.
AuthorizationProvider authorizationProvider = session.getProvider(AuthorizationProvider.class);
PolicyStore policyStore = authorizationProvider.getStoreFactory().getPolicyStore();

// Get the AdminPermissionManagement and GroupPermissionManagement objects for managing
// permissions.
AdminPermissionManagement permissions =, realm);
GroupPermissionManagement groups =, session.getContext().getRealm()).groups();

After that I could create a GroupPolicyRepresentation and use that with the PolicyStore to create the policies I needed.

I never found any documentation.