REST API 401 when using custom client with service account

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we want to access the Keycloak REST API from one of our backend services. To authenticate, we have setup the followings:

  • new clients within our realm
  • enabled service account for that client
  • assigned all [1] roles of “realm-management” to the services account

Accessing the API, e.g. fetching a selected user always results in a 401 response.

Steps to make the requests are:

  1. Retrieve access_token from using grant_type=client_credentials + Client ID + Client Secret
  2. Fetch user from
    using the Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN with the Token from step 1.

My Question: Is it even possible to use a custom client or do we have to stick to login via admin-cli? How would we need to configure the custom client, to grant access to the REST API.


[1] for the sake of testing

You can use a custom client, you just need to add the proper roles to give the service account user access to the resources you want to access.

On the client configuration page, under Service Account Roles, choose the Client Roles for “realm-management” and add the proper roles to you custom client.

Also make sure the mapper “roles” is added to your client scope.

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