Retrieve Keycloak OIDC client secret from vault provider

Is there a way to retrieve a Keycloak client’s client_secret from the Kubernetes files plain-text vault provider ?
Already did it for the SMTP password, it’s working fine, but I’d like something like this :

The goal is to be able to link a Kubernetes secret with both Keycloak to manage the OIDC client, and the actual web app that is client

In the documentation it is indeed said that only the fields below are able to use this feature. :

  • SMTP password
  • LDAP bind credential
  • OIDC identity provider secret

Is it in the backlog somewhere a plan to add this feature ?

Sorry if I am not clear, but thanks in advance for your help,

Best regards,

This is not yet supported by Keycloak. There is somewhere a discussion item about client secrets, not only serving it from a vault, but also other aspects.
See somewhere here:

We also really wish this was a feature. Wondering what the complexity involved in this would be?