Run Keycloak.X (17) as windows service

Before version 17.0.0 there used to be a service folder to install Keycloak as a service on Windows. Does Keycloak. X has something similar to run it as a service on Windows?

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You can run this as a service with nssm if using quarkus

Thanks for pointing to nssm.

I am using I believe the versions before Keycloak 17 used such a daemon setup to install windows service.

The old version of Keycloak called the following command to initiate shutdown which got called in the Windows service stop routine.

jboss-cli.bat --controller=%CONTROLLER% --connect %CREDENTIALS% --command=/host=!DC_HOST!:shutdown

Would you know if Keycloak.X have such a shutdown hook to stop the process gracefully? I know starting Keycloak.X is simple as kc.bat start, is there a similar command to stop it though something like kc.bat stop?

For now, I have to kill the java.exe process manually to stop the service.