Saml Single Sign on with skyspark

I am trying to configure a Saml SSO connection between skyspark and keycloak,

I have imported the metadata on both platforms, still having a problem with the Saml attributes and the prototypes configurations, i don’t know how to proceed from here.

Anyone able to help me with this issue?

No matter what configuration i do in keycloak i get the following error:

invalid redirect uri
Can anyone help me with this issue?

Configure saml bindig url in the Keycloak correctly.

Hi Jangaraj,
I didn’t configure the valid Redirect URIs field, it automatically filled that in after the metadata import
it is equal to : http://LAPTOP-F4PLMSKF:8080/samlSso/assertionConsumerService imported from skyspark
I turned off sign documents and client signature required = off.
if client signature required is on i get a different error:

The logs after the invalid redirect uri error:

Hi Jangaraj,
I have fixed the site uri, it is now https: // localhost instead of : http : // LAPTOP-F4PLMSKF
I was redirected to keycloak login screen to authenticate.
After i log with a user credentials i receive the following

Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

Best Regards,