Secure two apps with differente protocols (SAML and OpenID)

I have the need, to secure two apps with Keycloak, however one will integrate with SAML and another one with OIDC.
I already create one realm, with two clients (one for saml and another one for oidc protocol).

The use cases are:

  • When I login in App1 (SAML), and when I open App2 (OIDC), I want to be connected automatically
  • When I login in App2 (OIDC), and when I open App1 (SAML), I want to be connected automatically

We want to use a shared session.

Is it possible to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Short and quick response: yes

Yes, if it is properly implemented on the app sides (properly != direct access grant flow in the OIDC app).