Securing Keycloak & APIs

Hello experts,

I deployed a Standalone Keycloak (KC) server and I developed one API that acts as a resource server(it is not supposed to handle login/registration of users etc) with Spring Boot. I want this API to be secured with KC JWT tokens. I expect every user coming has already obtained a JWT token. To the security configurations of my API I added the following configuration:<REALM_NAME> .

Everything works as expected, my API is able to allow only authenticated and authorized users to call the endpoints. However, I have the following question:

As my configurations are right now, anyone who receives a token from my KC server and has the issuer-uri can build another API and do her/his own stuff. How is it possible to restrict the KC server in order to be used only from APIs that I allow? E.g: my API should provide a client_name and a client-secret before it is allowed to verify a token with the issuer.

I am using spring-boot-starter-oauth2-resource-server to configure OAuth2 instead of the one that Keycloak provides. I am running Spring Boot 2.4 , Spring Security 5 and Keycloak 12.0.4 .

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