Securing SAML Apps

Hi There,

Currently I’m doing PoC using Keycloak as my IdP and snipeIT as my SP with SAML authentication.
I had done testing snipeIT SAML with Google SAML it work fine, but when I tried use Keycloak as my IdP I’ve got error message “500 Server Error”.

  1. As initial step I had import the metadata from my IdP (Keycloak) to my SP (SnipeIT)
  2. Import the Metadata of my SP (SnipeIT) in Keycloak client

During I login to my SP using SAML method, it bring me to Keycloak login page which work fine.
But after I authenticate it bring me to error page “500 Server Error”

Much appreciate if there anyone can advise me how to configure the SAML client properly and resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance

I am also facing the same issue. Did you find any solution?

I am facing the same issue too. Were either of you able to find a solution?