Securing WARs via Adapter Subsystem Wildfly

I want to put policy-enforcer in the configuration adapter, but it is not supported the tag policy-enforcer, only work in config/keycloak.json

in wilfly’s standalone.xml
–> subsystem xmlns=“urn:jboss:domain:keycloak:1.1”
secure-deployment name=“cgu-autorizaciones-backend.war”

policy-enforcer policy-enforcer – no working

someone can help me ?

I found a solution to the problem, defining system properties in the standalone.xml file and then using them in the keycloak.json



    <property name="mikeycloak.realm" value="demo"/>
    <property name="mikeycloak.auth_server_url" value="http://localhost:8180/auth/"/>
    <property name="" value="59b57ff6-23e8-4e4b-b20b-999999ytuh"/>

“realm”: “{mikeycloak.realm}", "auth-server-url": "{mikeycloak.auth_server_url}”,
“ssl-required”: “external”,
“resource”: “mi-app”,
“credentials”: {
“secret”: “${mikeycloak.mi-app.secret}”
“confidential-port”: 0

reference : Securing Applications and Services Guide Red Hat Single Sign-On 7.3 | Red Hat Customer Portal