Select login method as default

I was trying to figure out how to go straight to the “Select login method” page directly, rather than clicking on “Try another way”.

So far, I believe there is no way of doing that.

The only way I can imagine is, to extend the templates with some JavaScript and to look for the „try another way“ link and if available, „click“ the link by script…. yes, hacky :cowboy_hat_face:

I thought about that, but I didn’t have the courage to say it… :sweat_smile: Then you can store some sort of flag in a cookie to avoid clicking next time. Just following dasniko’s idea, not mine! :smile:


I see two possible solutions:

Incorporate the list from the select-login-method page into a copy of login.ftl and overwrite the default login.ftl (you can do this with a login-theme
not the solution you really like, but at least you have the list on the first page

  1. if you really like to have the selelect-login-method as first page
    Create a SPI-Extension (AuthenticatorForm) where you just show the selelect-login-method page.
    Put that after Cookies in your browser-flow as required
    → only you need to do is to filter out your Authenticator from the list.

Both solutions I have already used and both are working fine