Send user through authentication executions again if they close browser tab

I have a custom registration forked flow which forks after sending an email to the user attempting to register (this is similar to the default reset password binding). Once the user receives the email and clicks on the link they have 3 more executions to get through before getting to any required actions. What I need to be able to do is - if the user completes any of the executions following the email but closes the tab before getting to the required actions that when they follow the email link again they start at the beginning of the 3 executions (basically have to repeat everything after the email stage). The current behaviour is that once they complete an execution stage and close the tab and re-follow the link, keycloak will remember that and not show the previously completed executions.

I’ve had varied results with removing all the users sessions so that the cookie is used for a new auth session - but I was hoping for something a little less drastic.