Service Account creation/authentication using KeyCloak

I’m new here and to KC so please direct me to the right forum if not this one. I have a application that needs to authenticate to another application. Would like to use KC to accommodate this. Is this as simple as creating a user in KC, assigning a PW and then providing in the API call between the two services? Any references to HowTO’s etc appreciated. This is not setting up a realm with a service account that can create accounts and such within KC. This is one service speaking to another on two different machines.

This looks like a machine to machine communication/authetication. OIDC offers ‘client credentials flow’ for that - no real user is needed, only oidc client.Check some doc how it works and how can you implemented it in your app code.

I’ll look into that. Thank you. I’d still be interested in others approaches to this as well.