Session caching over 2 nodes in domain cluster mode

Hi everyone, I have ran into a bit of a problem with the user session caching when using keycloak in a cluster domain mode.
I have 2 keycloak vm’s one that acts as the domain controller and an instance of keycloak master and the second one that acts as a slave, I also have a 3rd one with a mysql database for them.
Everything seems to work as far as configuration propagation and what not but what I am not able to figure out is what is a way to configure the session caching to span over the 2 nodes so that if I have a session active on the first node and that node goes down the session can continue on the second node without having to log back in or even notice it.
I have tried setting the owner value of the sessions cache to 2 in the master config files like so , but it doesn’t seem to work, if I am logged in on the first node of keycloak and turn it off and then open the second node console it asks me to login.
Do you have any suggestions or best practices on how to configure this?
Thanks a lot in advance.