Setting up Ingress using AWS NLB


I’ve currently deployed keycloak via helm chart and I’ve deployed an Nginx Ingress Controller which in turn is a Network Load Balancer in AWS. I didn’t change any of the default settings of the helm chart in regards to ports etc.

The Problem I’m having is I can reach keycloak using this NLB but when I try to access the Console I just get a blank page and nothing happens. I’m assuming It has to do with my Ingress resource which I will post an example of below. I’m assuming i’m missing some annotations or something, this is all relatively new to me so any help would be greatly appreciated. I can post other samples as needed. SSL is being terminated on the NLB itself.

Sample Ingress.yaml

kind: Ingress
name: keycloak-ingress
annotations: “true”

  • host:
    • backend:
      serviceName: keycloak-http
      servicePort: 80
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