Setting up Keycloak HA on EKS Cluster- NLB - ALB

Hello everyone,
I have a keycloak running on aws eks cluster using NLB.
I am trying to make use of standalone-ha.xml and I want to be able to have more than one pod keycloak to run. Basically I want to make High availability keyclock.
When I scale the deployment to have to 2 pods of keycloak instead of one, my application webpage still works but keycloak itself seems having issue of not knowing to send the information to which pod, and it doesn’t work (for example I try to sign in to keycloak and it keeps going back to sign in page).

I read that I should use ALB instead of NLB. I made changes in my ingress and now I have ALB created.
I also have PROXY_ADDRESS_FORWARDING set to true. Now, I’m trying to link my internet-facing NLB to my internal ALB. Basically trying to keep my NLB and link my ALB as a target group to my NLB. But it is not working. Am I missing something?
Does anyone have experience of having Keycloak HA in AWS EKS cluster and can help me please?

Thank you in advance.