Should I use the same client_id between application, keycloak as broker and Keycloak as IDP?

Hi there,
here is my configuration : I have 2 Keycloak, one is broker, the other is IDP registred in the broker.
My application is asking the broker to get user authentication from IDP.
When setting up both broker and IDP, should I use the same client_id from application to broker and from broker to IDP ? The final purpose is to retrieve user attributes stored in the IDP, in the JWT token sent by the broker to my app (I use OIDC)
Thanks for helping!

That are separate clients.

In the IDP connection you configure the client that is available/created in the other keycloak server.

The client on the broker is technically not related to the clientid in the IDP.

Very clear. Thanks @HenkN !