Show KC Version in .ftl


Does anyone know if there is a possibility to show the running keycloak version number in a Freemarker Page (e.g. welcome/index.ftl)?

Thanks in advance,

I don’t believe it’s possible out of the box, but you could build your own LoginFormsProvider that put the SystemInfoRepresentation (or something like it) in the .ftl scope.

OK thanks. I hoped some kind of useful system or info Object is injected by default in the freemarker page which I could access. It’s not that important so I won’t spend too much effort in it…

In earlier times the resources path included the version of KC. But this was removed for security reasons. One should not be able to figure out (without proper authentication) the actual running version, as this might yield in attacks. If there’s a known vulnerability to a version and an attacker knows the version, it would be easy to get into the system.