Simple integration on spring boot not working

I’m trying to integrate keycloak on a simple spring boot project but it seems like the security-constraints aren’t working. When I make a request it just passes right through and no log is given.

Repo with the demo project:

On this repo, there’s an export JSON file of the realm I created to secure this API.

I’m using keycloak running on a docker container from an image of version 10.0.2, I downgraded the deps from the project but the error persisted.

I have 2 projects that use spring-boot and keycloak… Maybe, they can help as reference


Thanks. But I see that you used spring-security, any special reason for that? Did you try writing the constraints on the application.yml?

Hum, ok… I’ve seen now in your link…

I’ve never tried it before. I will try whenever I have time.

hey @ivangfr, using spring security approach worked.
But i’m still bothered that the Sprint Boot Adapter didn’t ! :frowning_face: