SimpleSAMLphp as identity provider for Keycloak


I am trying to make my users sign in with SimpleSAMLphp via Keycloak. So my question is, can SimpleSAMLphp be used as an identity provider for Keycloek?

Thanks in advance

Assuming their SAML 2.0 implementation is compliant, it should be possible. I’d start by setting it up as an IdP, which is documented here: SimpleSAMLphp Documentation . Then you can do a standard SAML IdP setup in the Keycloak Admin UI. Please post your findings, as I’m sure others would like an easier guide.

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I was able to add simplesamlphp as an identity provider to Keycloak. All I had to do is create a new SAML client and download the metadata from this client. The rest of the steps were just basic simplesamlphp as an identity provider settings and the basic Keycloak configuration.

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