[solved] Confusing installation guidelines

I installed Keycloak on a headless server - i.e. no graphical interface unless you want me to use Lynx.

So I needed to access it via - its address on the internal VPN. That’s where I hit the first snag: ./standalone.sh -b does not work. The application still only listens to

Well, that was fixed by setting the proper IP in configuration-standalone.xml.

Browsed to and saw this:

However, your script told me to use ./add-user-standalone.sh -r master -u username -p password instead. Did that, restarted the server, reloaded the page - still the same message.

The URL the manual mentions, namely, yields a 404.

And when I use ./adduser.sh, select “management” and enter the rest of the information, I land in a Wildfly config page.

This is very confusing.

Edit: Nevermind, found that the port to use is 8080 and let the console output by standalone.sh lead me astray.