[SOLVED] Is it possible to create new view in admin console as part of theme?

I want to add new view to admin console, with custom js, to display some specific data inside keycloak console.
Documentation says it’s possible to replace specific views, but what about adding new ones?
Also, in themes/admin there is no .ftl files, only index.ftl and .html ones in /templates. Is it possible to edit those via theme?

Such change would require adding new .ftl to frontend files, extending router in app.js and overriding kc-menu.html.

Is it possible without meddling with base theme?

I achieved solution.

In my theme directory under path admin/resources/templates I placed copied kc-menu.html with added button to my custom view.

Under path admin/resources/partials I placed html with the content of my view.
In theme.properties I declared script inside of which I created a new module and dynamically injected it into the keycloak module. Then in the new module I configured router provider with path to my view.

var module = angular.module(‘keycloak’);
var customModule = angular.module(‘custom’,[]);


Remember to set realm in view’s controller.

This looks like exactly what we’re trying to do, could you provide some additional detail on creating that new module? Maybe an example of the whole files or relevant portions? I’m missing something fairly simple I believe, I receive an error that “anguar is not defined”.


@vanilla Can you please provide a working sample with all the details you mentioned (script file and module details)? Just want to see the way you have made it worked.