Spring boot starter keycloak inconsistencies!

Could you please update your article https://www.keycloak.org/2017/05/easily-secure-your-spring-boot.html

It has SO MANY inconsistencies. I am really angry, because it took me multiple days to just configure keycloak using your (and many other similar tutorials based probably on yours), but I will try to be polite. Can you imagine how many people start with keycloak or sping boot in general and they are dependent only on your tutorials. Please stop it as soon as possible and provide 100% tutorial. It is great you covered this topic, but make it perfect please.
Try to do your project again, just make it please clear.
FIX please all issues from this stackoverflow page: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50279315/why-wont-the-keycloak-with-spring-boot-tutorial-work

next thing, in video (below in article) you use port 8180 for keycloak and 8080 for webpage.
in article, you use port 8080 for keycloak and 8081 for webpage. UNITE IT PLEASE
Real your article one more time, fix all these issues please, MANY MANY people have been fooled, I know you did not it on purpose but it makes so much confusion and takes so much time, and new programmers does not want to continue in this task after facing so many issues in tutorial.

I did not know where to write it, so I will post here and to another multiple places.

next thing, keycloak is not available on https://start.spring.io/ anymore. Is there workaround? What is the issue?!?!?