SQLServer Mirroring configuration, failover is not working


I’m trying to configure Keycloak 9.0.0 with SQL Server (JDBC) and a failoverPartner in order to support high availability from the Database.

According to the JDBC documentation, I should only specify the failoverPartner in order to make it work.
However once I failover the database to the mirror server, Keycloak cannot get the connection to the database. When I failover back to the original server, Keycloak is also unable to recreate the connection.
My configuration is as following

jdbc:sqlserver://\mssql2;failoverPartner=\mssql2;databaseName=keycloak;integratedSecurity=false;user=svc_keycloak;password=xxxxxxxxxx sqlserver svc_keycloak xxxxxxxxxx

is there something I should add to make it work ?

Thank you for your support.