Status page service that can handle OIDC auth flow

I want to monitor an API that needs an OIDC access token.
Is there a hosted status page service available that allows me to create a new access token every minute (using a refresh token or login credentials) and then check the API with that token if it is still returning useful infos?
Uptime Robot can only do basic Auth.

Looks like Uptrends has support for “multi-step auth”:

It really depends on used OIDC flow. Direct grant flow is easy, but Authorization Code Flow can be a tricky (it needs html/headers parsing, …). Generally, any monitoring system, which can work with steps, posting data, parsing json, headers should be able to simulate any OIDC flow.

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That’s what I was looking for. But gosh are they expensive!
I have written a 10 liner with nodejs that reports downtimes to rocketchat in the meantime :wink:
I’ll let management decide what to do next

Ok I was not clear how to search for it… multi step might be a good keyword to find more.