Support for more than 20 Clients

Hello, we use keycloak within a CI Infrastructure that creates a new keycloak client for every git feature-branch (once it is merged the client is removed). In this settings it’s very likely to have more that 20 clients for a given realm. The actual problem is that the “Client Roles” dropdown in the “Role Mapping” Section of the User Admin View restricts the result size in the REST API request to “max=20”. How to overcome this?

A Workaround might be to prefix the name of the generated feature branch clients with “Z”, cause clients API response seems to be sorted by name, but I would prefer a more elegant solution…

What are you trying to accomplish? Get all of the clients for a realm?

That dropdown calls the clients endpoint as you type:


So you should be able to get to any new client you have created, by typing the client id there.

If you want to integrate adding Role Mappings into your CI pipeline, you can call that method with more than 20 max and do pagination.

It’s about the “Client Roles” Dropdown in the admin web UI

Sorry, I still don’t understand the issue. If you click on that dropdown and start typing, you can find your Client.

omg. i’m sorry.

I just did not notice items get filtered on typing…