Sync Azure AD users in keycloak

I have configured the keycloak as IDP , and in azure ad i have added the registered application to directory.readAll (ref Adding Azure Active Directory Users to KeyCloak | Stakater Playbook) . Login of AD users is working fine but the user is created in keycloak only on first login.
Is there a way that we can sync all uses from azure ad?
Thank you

There’s no option to sync users from an external IdP.
If you really need this, you’ll have to implement it on your own, e.g. with a custom idp implementation.

I tried user federation with Jumpcloud( I was able to get all users from jumpcloud, is similar thing possible with Azure AD?

What did you not understand from my previous answer?
Azure AD you have to configure as an IdP, not as user federation. With IdPs, you can‘t sync them all into Keycloak with available methods.