Terms and Conditions form customization

Hi dears all,

Just a new point to dynamically modify the terms.ftl form (login theme) content by adding text.
Regarding the login form, I know that we can act on it by means of the FreeMarkerLoginFormsProvider.
Is there a kind of provider like this to try to customize the terms.ftl from the backend? The challenge is that I want to change it every time it needs according to some internal parameters I have to manage. Does anybody have already done something similar?


This is not possible ootb. The terms.ftl is very static…

I’d suggest to do this with a custom required action and a customized myTerms.ftl (or similar). In the custom required action code, you can get your desired content from wherever you want to obtain it and put it into the forms/challenge context and display it with your custom .fl template.
Perhaps extending the default terms required action and customizing it from this point might be a good starter.

Yes Niko, I do confirm terms.ftl it is static therefore I implemented a custom Required Action, just to try.

Now the new issue is about the Accept that is not working while Decline is:
what I noticed is that the evaluateTriggers (a kind of filter inside to establish if the action is to be launched) is called a couple of times (strange to me) while processAction method never. It sounds like something is missing!
Better said: if I comment all of the evaluateTriggers content the action works, otherwise the custom terms and conditions form can’t close.

  1. If you use your custom RA like the way we discussed in the other thread, just adding it from your custom authenticator, then you don’t need the trigger thing.

  2. Is your code somewhere available?


I overcame the issue about the “evaluateTriggers” method, needed because I want to display the Terms and Conditions page only when it needs. Troubles with parameters!
For the rest, it is a standard Custom Required Action none other (that means as explained into the documentation), and the new terms.ftl can be easily customizable, that way.